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Casa Calabria
My brothers, sisters and I were all born in a “house in Calabria” Italy.

Calabria is a region in Southern Italy that is known for its amazing salumeria’s and fine deli meats, such as soppressata, hard sausage and prosciutto as well as many fresh and hard cheeses.

My father “Papalo”, was a land owner, shepherd and a goat herder. His occupation was making fresh ricotta and mozzarella cheese for most of the village.

In 1973, our parents decided to move to America on a quest to give their children a better life and future. We were all proud and happy to live in America. However, we never gave up on our Italian traditions and culture.

Every Fall, one hundred gallons of homemade wine were made in our garage. Our basement cellar always had homemade sausage, soppressata and prosciutto hanging from the rafters.

Every Sunday, our tables were lined with Mamma’s fresh baked bread and pastries. My parents jarred their own tomato sauce and made fresh pasta. All our vegetables came from “Papalos” gardens, not the grocery store and we all ate as a family every night at the dinner table.

We lived as proud Italians in the great country of America.

We would like to share some of our Italian heritage and traditions along with some of Mamma’s amazing Southern Italian dishes only found here at “Casa Calabria”

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